Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Item at Etsy

I've uploaded a Halloween Mini Album at my Etsy store, its too cute! It holds wallets, go check it out!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Truths about Scrapbooking

I have alot of people that come up to me and ask questions and talk about scrapbooking. Most of the time they say something like, "I'd love to start scrapbooking but it seems too expensive/time consuming/takes up so much space at home." Well, those are valid points. Scrapbooking can be expensive, time consuming and slowly take over every room in your house, but it doesn't have to be that way. I've been crafting since I was a teenager so I have alot of supplies. You don't have to (and you shouldn't) buy everything all at once. You don't have to spend a ton of money, if you know how and where to shop and what to get. "Too time consuming" - well I have scrapped for hours at a time, and I've sat down and scrapped for only 30min. The best thing I think to do is get together with friends on one day a month to scrapbook. It is amazing how much you can get done and you get to visit with your friends! "Takes up too much space" - have a box/shelf/bookcase that holds your supplies. Tell yourself this is all the space it gets, when it starts getting full, go through and donate old products you don't use, trade with friends, challenge yourself to use the products before you buy more. There are some basic tools & products you need to get started. Here is what I use and recommend :)

• Album - This is something that you need to put all your masterpieces in as you get them done. This will protect them from getting bent, scratched, or damaged. There is nothing worst than completing a page and setting to the side then going back to it and it ruined! So, protect your pages by putting them in an album. Now whats a good album? I use Creative Memories 12x12 Albums, doesn't matter if you use Traditional pages or Digital pages. You can add a TON of pages (believe me! hehe).
When you get an album you need page protectors, I LOVE CM's Side Loading Page Protectors. I work on my pictures as I feel inspired, it drives my mom nuts, but it works for me. With the side loading page protectors you can move the pages around if you need to.
What you don't want is albums with magnetic pages or page protectors! Over time the protector sticks to the page! Don't get a flimsy poorly made album, you want something thats gonna hold up to years of people looking through it. There are places were you can cut back to help save money, but the album isn't were you want to do that at. You can host a party with Creative Memories and earn free products, so you could get your album for free! My mom is a consultant with Creative Memories here is how to contact her!

• Tools - You only need tools if you are doing Traditional Scrapbooking. So, you can skip this part if you are Digital! There are alot of tools out there, so don't get overwhelmed just yet. Some tools are helpful and I wouldn't scrap without them, some are nice to have, and some just seem to be a waste of money to me. But everybody scraps differently and a tool that I love might not be one for you. Here are the basics....
1. Paper Cutter - I have a several paper trimmers from different company's. I've used the cheap ones at Wal-Mart and as long as your blades are sharp and you learn how to use it, they have worked nicely for me over the years, but I've noticed that the amount that I use them I need a heavier duty style. Right now I use a self healing mat, ruler and an Exacto Blade. CM has a Personal Trimmer that is awesome for trimming photos or small paper down.
2. Adhesive - Hobby Lobby has TomBow tape runners that works well, and they have 50% off sales often on adhesives, so stock up! lol! CM also has tape runners that I use.

• Paper - Paper is the fun stuff to shop for! You can get paper almost anywhere these days! As you get different brands and start looking at paper more you will find the brand or style you like. CM has alot of really pretty papers, Hobby Lobby has lots to choose from and they have the 50% off sale on paper too! Michael's Craft Store in Branson has good paper too. I like to get supplies from Two Peas in a Bucket. Since I scrapbook digital, I don't use alot of paper to scrapbook, I use it when I make cards and other paper craft projects. I would get a pack of neutrals (black, white, gray, kraft, brown) then a couple patterned. If you are working on Christmas, get some Christmas paper. Baby photos? Get some Pink or Blues. They have ALL kinds of paper out there, just find what you like!

• Pens - Just get a pen for Scrapbooking. If you use a normal pen they can bleed or discolor the paper/photos over time.

That's the basics you need to get started. Other products to check out would be....

• Stickers
• Rubber Stamps & inks
• Punches

The great thing about getting together with people to scrapbook is seeing what they use and like. Everybody that scraps is always excited to share info with new people! I hope I didnt overwhelm you this info, please leave a comment if you have any questions!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Found a New Blog!

Check out this blog! http://www.craftastical.com/ she has a tab "FREEBIES" that has SEVERAL free Digital Scrapbooking kits that are TOO cute!!! Check it out! Now back to downloading them! hehe! :D

Ok so here is a little more in about the files you download. They are little different than normal free digital kits. Normal kits are .zip files, you download them click on 'em and hit "extract" and bingo ya got 'em. Well, these kits are .rar files. To be honest I had no idea what kind of file that was, so I googled it! It is basically the same as a zip file, only thing is you need to download a free program called "WinRAR" to "extract" the files. Google "winRAR" and download and install it. Then just download the kits and drag the icon to the "WinRAR" icon and BINGO! Ya got these CUTE kits!!! Comment it you have any questions, I'll try to check in often!