Saturday, September 11, 2010

Found a New Blog!

Check out this blog! she has a tab "FREEBIES" that has SEVERAL free Digital Scrapbooking kits that are TOO cute!!! Check it out! Now back to downloading them! hehe! :D

Ok so here is a little more in about the files you download. They are little different than normal free digital kits. Normal kits are .zip files, you download them click on 'em and hit "extract" and bingo ya got 'em. Well, these kits are .rar files. To be honest I had no idea what kind of file that was, so I googled it! It is basically the same as a zip file, only thing is you need to download a free program called "WinRAR" to "extract" the files. Google "winRAR" and download and install it. Then just download the kits and drag the icon to the "WinRAR" icon and BINGO! Ya got these CUTE kits!!! Comment it you have any questions, I'll try to check in often!

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