Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Camera Challenge

I firmly believe the best camera is the one in your hand. I use my iPhone to take most of our pictures because its handy & the quality is good.

I was looking through some pictures on my computer & just from the thumbnails they stood out from the others. So I opened them to see what was different about them. And I noticed right away, they were taken with my Nikon D5100. And the quality was AMAZING.

these images are straight out of my camera & iPhone. No adjustments.

Here is one I took with my iPhone....

iPhone picture

and if this is the only picture I had, I would be thrilled with this one.

Here are 4 I took with my Nikon...

Nikon D5100 pictures

Oh my what a cutie!! I LOVE these images! I can play with the aperture & blur the background so its not so distracting. And Macie's face doesn't look distorted.

So I've decided to challenge myself to use my Nikon more this week/month/year. I will still use my phone, because its easy. But I want to use my Nikon more.

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