Sunday, February 7, 2010

Homemade Card Display

here is my card displays that I made yesterday. I'm planning to put them at the studio. They were fairly easy to make, where is what I used...

2 frames (1-20x24 & 1 -15x30) & boards that same size
2 pkg of 12x12 corkboard
2 spools of ribbon - brown grossgrain
1 pkg thumb tacks
framing supplies

First, I did a dry fit of the cork board and cut the pieces I needed. Then glue them down to the board.

Second, I laid the ribbon down and figured where it needed to go. Then cut it & tack it with a thumbtack and wrap it around the edge of the board and pull it to the right spot, wrapped it, tacked it and cut it. Repeat until board looks good.

Third, I pushed a tack where the ribbon crossed over the other ribbon. Then frame it up & load it up!

Easy peesy!

I'm gonna get some decorative brads to replace the white thumbtacks as soon as I find the ones I like!

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