Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lifestyle Change: Day One

I've been wanting to start eating healthier than what we do. I have many reason to want this... #1 we have a 2 year old little girl, she is forming her eating habits that she will have the rest of her life. If we can get her to enjoy healthier foods now then when she is older it will be a no brainer for her to to have a healthy life. #2 I want to feel better! I want to play, run, jump, and be active with my daughter. #3 there are SO many things that I want to do in a day that I dont get done because I have no energy... and that, well frankly, sucks. There are more reasons that I can list, but you know them, you've probable have had the same thoughts. So I feel NOW IS THE TIME!
So, Day One.. NO MORE DR.PEPPER! (ouch! sniff sniff) Just water for awhile. I have had a SMALL piece (like a mini fun size) bar of chocolate... to help with the headache of course! ;) That and Excedrin have done the trick.
I need to learn how to manage my stress better! When I start to get stressed I can go my craft room and work on something and that REALLY helps. But if I get TOO stressed then nothing seems to help but... cookies & dr.pepper, like I had for supper one night this past week. So, I can't let it get to that point! I'm gonna try... to quote Mr Darcy... "I shall conquer this! I SHALL!"

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