Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life 2012

I'm excited to begin Project Life for 2012! I did the traditional way last year, with 4x6's and everything. I did enjoy it, but with our busy schedules it was hard to get the 4x6's printed regularly (which is why I've not posted a completed Project Life 2011 Album!! yet!). I'm gonna send some to Creative Memeories to be printed because they print when the picture was taken on the back of the print! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! This year I decided I'd try the digital version. That way I can print 12x12 as I go or I can print a press book at the end of year. Not sure which way I'm gonna go. I kinda like the idea of printing the 12x12's and using 12x12 page protectors & putting them in the PL binder, that way I can get some of the other page protectors to add little bits of our 2012 in the book. SO we will see what happens! But I will be posting the individual pictures or the 2 completed 12x12 pages for that week. Depends on how busy I get! LOL!

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