Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hair cut

ive been doing lots of digital pages lately, its just so much easier when you have little ones running around. so reagan got a big girl hair cut, she was a bit nervous at first, she thought her hair would turn brown like Rapunzel. but now she loves her new do!
i thought i would have a hard time finding a sketch for 14 images, but it was really easy. i found this on Nuts About Sketches. the sketch was for 15 images but i had one (the 1st on on the 3rd row) that was vertical and i wanted to keep the whole image because abby was "riding" on the chair as leah would spin reagan around. so i just had that one image take up 2 spaces. ive been really busy this summer and the past few week especially, so i stuck really close to the sketch. i used a variety of digital supplies, changing some of the colors to match my colors better.

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