Thursday, January 6, 2011

Products I Use & Love - Page Maps

My mom got several "scrapbook layout" books to help her get ideas for layout in her scrapbooks. I thought, yeah thats great but i can come up with my own layouts.... then I tried it.... and i LOVE it! All my layouts now - traditional or digital are started with a page map or "sketches from becky higgins" layout! they make layouts so fast and easy and they look great! You can also change them up to make them more your own. I've gotten to the point where I often mix a couple layouts together so they work better for pictures. I would DEFINITELY recommend "Page Maps" (they have a website too!) or "Becky Higgins Sketches" to anyone doing scrapbooking or for a gift to someone getting started or for someone who needs some inspiration to get back at it!!   

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