Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday - January 4, 2011

today was our first day back at the studio in the new year. since mom & dad moved to the farm house, we have been closing the studio for lunch and going to the farm for a short break. its really been nice! reagan and nanna made pizza today. nanna's half had peppers on it and since reagan only likes "pizza with pepperoni and cheese and no vegetables on it" that what was on our half. it was really good. reagan usually watches pbs while we visit, then papa & reagan watch "sid the science kid" while they take a nap. but papa wasnt here today so she had to take her nap at the studio. normally we watch something on tv that she doesnt like so it helps her to go to sleep. today she picked out "legally blonde", i thought cool, ive not seen that in awhile and she wont be interested in it so she will go to sleep soon. what was i thinkin!? a girl with "blonde hair thats yellow" like reagans with a little dog that wears clothes and has pink in every scene..... oh course she loved it! she made it through the first 38minutes of it! and when she woke up she wanted to watch it again! after a day of work we went to mcdonalds to see keith and grab half price happy meals, since it was tuesday family night. now for a pink colored bath and bed time! oh and the hogs are playing tonight in the sugar bowl so, go hogs!

reagan's quote of the day: "mommy, i can't watch a movie while i take a nap, because i have to close my eyes to take a nap and then i can't see the movie!"

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