Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday - January 2, 2011

this is the start of my first week of project life. my kit is in the mail and i should get it later this week. so until it comes i'm taking pictures and *trying* to write down stuff. i've never really been all that great at journaling, my motto has been "a picture is worth a thousand words", but i'm gonna try to start writing stuff down that reagan might want to know in the furture. im always curious about the day in & day out stuff that happened when i was little. i have 4 sisters and there are 7 years between the oldest (k1) and the youngest (k5). so ya know it had to be funny, intense, loud, happy, and emotional at most times! so im gonna get out of my comfort zone and hopfully document reagan's childhood for her so she can, one day, enjoy it as much as we are! 

journaling for the day: "after the rush of the Christmas season it was nice to have a calm day at home. we cleaned the house (a bit), put away Christmas decorations (a bit), eat (a bit) of the left-overs, played "chutes & ladders" (a bit, several times), but mostly we rested and enjoyed the calmness of the new year!

reagan's quote of the day: (while waiting for netflix to buffer so we could watch Flipper) reagan sighs "its not cooperating with us!"

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