Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday - January 6, 2011

reagan loves the carts at home depot! we took nanna with us to get some more paint swatches for the living room, i think this will make 7 different shades of blue! lol! i think reagan has missed going places, after we got back in the car to head home she asked "where to next?" and i told her we were done and heading back to the studio she said "noooo, i want to go more". after a successful day of blogging, mom has decided to join me & dad and become a blogger! reagan dropped her $1 snow globe and it broke and she was very sad and cried the whole time nanna cleaned it up. then i gave her some pink "lipstick" (lipsmakers chap stick) with a wand like aunt kimmy's and she was happy again! all in all its been a good day and its not over yet!
update: dad made amazing bread!

reagan's quote of the day: "mommy, God wants us to be happy....even you!"

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