Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sample of themed "People Who Love Me" Page

Here is a sample from a scrapbook that i offer on my "k4 scraps" website. You can send me your images and I will create scrapbook pages for you! See my website for more samples of other themed scrapbook pages/albums.

This is a sample of a Black and White with a color accent page  for a scrapbook called "People Who Love Me".

My mom made an album like this when my daughter was born so she would recognize my sisters who don't live close. It was a favorite book for the babies to look at. And when my sisters came home the babies knew them and where ready to play with them!

you can have a color theme so all the pages go together. Like here, black and white is the base theme, then accented with a favorite color. Nanna's favorite color is purple.

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